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  • Ricardo
    #1 written by Ricardo 5 years ago

    After playing right from the start yesterday i start having problems in playing it and now it says Error: Cant contact to server 100% of time… :( any solutions?? cant even reach the Origin start menu.. :(

  • Jackie
    #2 written by Jackie 5 years ago

    I had the Simpsons game and then my phone broke! I got a new phone but when I restored it the Simpsons wasn’t there! So what should I do I need to get back to my Springfield!

  • Jessica B
    #3 written by Jessica B 4 years ago

    Ive been trying to load the simpsons tapped out for the ipod and it keeps crashing during the updates and after why is that and please bring the app back because my bf wants to play but cant get it on the app store

  • Anita van der Leek
    #4 written by Anita van der Leek 4 years ago

    Thanks for the 60 free donuts but now my town is rearranged and I’m missing the town hall, Aztec theatre, the squeaky voice teen and many other houses etc that I had purchased. I love the game but 60 donuts won’t buy back the stuff I lost.

  • Jackie Adams
    #5 written by Jackie Adams 4 years ago

    I agree! All my stuff is messed up! My gamer name is jackieadams94 add me as a friend

  • Jackie Adams
    #6 written by Jackie Adams 4 years ago

    Correction jackieadams4

  • Michelle
    #7 written by Michelle 4 years ago

    I’m on level 12 almost 13 and haven’t been offered to build willies shack. My fiancĂ© who isn’t as far as me has the shack and power plant?? Will I ever advance or is my game stuck?

  • thomas
    #8 written by thomas 4 years ago

    Get this game to android

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